Cocktail of the Week

Empire Grill

47 Clarence Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 9K1

Tel: 613-241-1343

What a perfect time of year to start our cocktail of the week selections, where we here at Antidote happily tryout new and interesting concoctions from some of the finest watering holes in the city for you. As an extra we have included the DIY instructions to add to your already deep knowledge of fine drink making! This weeks selection starts with a Bartender from Ottawa, Canada Ahmed Ali (Empire Grill). Because of the superb weather they’ve been experiencing, Ahmed came up with something tasty and refreshing that would be great for any backyard party or summer soiree. Give this one a try, and remember, please drink responsibly!

Saturn Star

[spacer][note note_color=”#66feff”] Strawberry Apricot Puree

1 “unit” of fresh strawberry

3/4 “unit” of fresh apricot

2/3 “unit” of sugar

Instructions: Mix fresh strawberries, apricots, and sugar in a pot. Pour water over the fruit mixture until it crests slightly over the fruit. Simmer for 10-15minutes on a low to medium heat. Strain the water from fruit into a separate kitchen pot (make sure to keep the water). Blend the fruit while slowly re-adding water until desired thickness.

Add an ounce of brandy while blending for an extra depth of flavor.

Saturn’s Star 1.5oz Amaretto 1oz Godiva 6oz Strawberry Apricot puree, Shaken or stirred on ice to combined.[/note]



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