The Hazelton Hotel: Shrewd & Stylish

January 2, 2013 @ 8:49pm by Aaron
The Hazelton Hotel

118 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M5R 1C4

Tel: 416.963.6300
Toll Free: 1.866.473.6301

Toronto has a variety of renowned and stylish hotels, but The Hazelton offers classic taste, and contemporary ideals, that others simply can not match. Those visiting the city have taken note: Madonna, Elton John, and Torontonian Drake have all called this hotel home for a night, or even longer. The reason why such musicians flock to the rooms of The Hazelton are not simply based on the reputation or the design, but the comfort and relaxation one feels while entering the space; it’s a home, not a hotel. The Hazelton has offered a sleek but soft twist on luxury that reflects the city’s dynamic with ease.


Let us begin with the look, (since we’re a superficial society and you’ll probably wanna Instagram the hell out of your trip). The Hazelton was designed by Yabu Pushellberg for the 2007 opening, you may not know his name, but his design of Tiffany’s 5 Ave location or Tokyo’s Marunoushi Four Seasons may strike a chord. Toronto now has an equal staple of timeless sophistication with The Hazelton, which references both the modern, but also the world of rich sophistication thought to be long gone. Hence why the Toronto International Film Festival calls upon the hotel for viewings in their one of a kind screening rooms (open to guests as well). The age of classic Hollywood sparkles throughout the hotel and has garnered the respect deserving of such an atmosphere.


Along with these instant perceptions of glamour are the references pertaining to Canada’s own richness through a stocking of artwork created from some of Canada’s best artists. The effect is both warm and stimulating through the essence of opulence. The works are chosen through competitions embracing diversity and opportunity for those attempting to succeed within the national art scene. The Hazelton encourages Canadian talents to create unique artistic conceptions and will be holding a panel to select new pieces in the very near future.

The national pride established with the Canadian artworks could relate to their environmental concerns for the nation. The eco-values are taken with as much care by the hotel as the style of their grand lobby. Their environmental concerns are strong and smart, including a green roof that is one of the first in Toronto, taking full advantage of the city’s natural elements. The roof has offered heat retention, natural air conditioning, and an overall slicing of the carbon footprint for the hotel. The Hazelton has proven to be good for Toronto both culturally, and by setting a bar for how to develop major structures in the metropolis.


As you enter into the sexy and crisp suites of the hotel, you may forget the eco-values or Yabu’s name, and who could blame you? The finest sheets, the clean designs recalling the past and future, the adventurous food, the list could go on and on. Everything has been put under a fine microscope, from the fresh linens to the pleasingly wide hallways that provide that extra breath of space compared to most hotel corridors. Another feature that everyone can enjoy, whether the rockstar partying or older business man resting, is the soundproofed suites that have the guest in a world of their own creation (without the noise of others or of the city in their capacity). For those in for a long and surreal night of fun (aka that rockstar), the added appeal may be the adjoining suites that can be sealed from the hallways to offer a lengthy piece of paradise for privacy and partying to progress within.


When travelling and exploring destinations, one can feel those extra details and that simple essence of pride and care some hospitality services provide; that extra love while watching their guests experience something so fresh… that is maintained within The Hazelton. The hotel is attempting to reach the heights of comfort and of escape that Toronto needs as it continues to grow it’s international reputation, whether you are the opulent party-goer or the pampered vacationer. The escape into a world few believe exists today, where luxury is both grand and shrewd, offering not just what one wants, but what they couldn’t imagine.

Photo Credits: Nana Sechere (with additional Photographs provided by The Hazelton Hotel)