[note color=”#000001″] Young Janes 223 Dalhousie Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7C9 Map Tel: 613.794.6452 youngjanes.blogspot.com[/note] Every wardrobe should have some unique vintage statement pieces that can bring out an authentic look that is completely your own. Young Janes makes it easy for you to peruse delicately picked fashionable items in a special almost dollhouse-like setting.
Toronto has a variety of renowned and stylish hotels, but The Hazelton offers classic taste, and contemporary ideals, that others simply can not match. Those visiting the city have taken note: Madonna, Elton John, and Torontonian Drake have all called this hotel home for a night, or even longer. The reason why such musicians flock to the rooms of The Hazelton are not simply based on the reputation or the design, but the comfort and relaxation one feels while entering the space; it’s a home, not a hotel.