It seems everyone is quitting their day job and creating something these days. The latest DIY cool-girl on the block is Drew Ginsburg, who quickly rose to style fame through her sister-sister blog ‘Me & Lex’. Drew’s signature look of “piled on” jewels caught the attention of fashion followers everywhere for its mix of eclectic and glam.
  STYLE IS PERSONAL Generally speaking, so many people carry the common conception that to be stylish is to be fashionable. Allow us to remind you that these two terms are not synonymous. In fact; they are quite different indeed. Being aware of this difference is the first step to becoming either.
Are #hashtags socially acceptable to use in sentences yet? We’re not entirely sure but it’s our party so we can do what we want to! In collaboration with some of our favourite local boutiques we present you our ’12 #OOTD’s (outfits of the day) Of Christmas’ featuring holiday looks for all festive occasions!
Well folks, tomorrow is the day we have all been anxiously awaiting with our bunny ears, Miley body suits and Breaking Bad jumpers at the ready. It is the one day of the year it is socially acceptable to leave your house dressed idiotically in spandex tights and Superman suits, or better yet, as a slutty mouse because, you know, mice are slutty – duh.
  I always find myself heavily influenced by fashions of the past. As of late, it has been that of the 80s and 90s so it is no surprise that I have been routinely watching the decades classics like Flashdance, The Breakfast Club and Clueless. And who could resist the sexually emancipated styles of the 1980s Madonna, baring fishnet stockings, massive hair bows, negligé and fingerless gloves to a chorus of “Like a Virgin”.
[media url=”″]   Dsquared2 present its new ”Hot as Ice” video featuring the main Fall/Winter 2013 collection, directed by Senio Zapruder.