October 30, 2013 @ 4:22pm by DEEJ

Well folks, tomorrow is the day we have all been anxiously awaiting with our bunny ears, Miley body suits and Breaking Bad jumpers at the ready. It is the one day of the year it is socially acceptable to leave your house dressed idiotically in spandex tights and Superman suits, or better yet, as a slutty mouse because, you know, mice are slutty – duh. Yupp, it’s Halloween. Here at Antidote, we thought what more fitting then to present you our rendition of classic Halloween characters – BUZZKILL: they’re not slutty (sorry, not sorry). Instead, we pulled from the genius Tim Burton who is famously quoted as saying, “One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” And so, we give you our twisted version of the Corpse Bride, Beetle Juice and Wednesday Addams below, prefaced by a few excerpts from some of our favourite Halloween flicks.

“Though I know I should be wary, still I venture some place scary. Ghostly hauntings I turn loose, Beetle Juice.” -Lydia Deetz (Beetle Juice, 1988)

“I’ve been in the darkness so long I’ve forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is.” -Emily (Corpse Bride, 2005)

“When there is no room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.” -George Romero (Dawn of the Dead, 1978)

Photography by Alexander Vlad

Make-up by Michaela Joseph

Styling by DJ

Lexi, Yasmine and Rachel of Models International Management