I always find myself heavily influenced by fashions of the past. As of late, it has been that of the 80s and 90s so it is no surprise that I have been routinely watching the decades classics like Flashdance, The Breakfast Club and Clueless. And who could resist the sexually emancipated styles of the 1980s Madonna, baring fishnet stockings, massive hair bows, negligé and fingerless gloves to a chorus of “Like a Virgin”. Predictably, in fashion, these styles always have a way of coming back around. It was to my delight that the F/W’13 catwalks saw a return to the grunge movement of the 90s but with a more refined and girlish twist. Needless to say, I was immediately entranced by the seasons offers. And so it is with these images in mind that I fashioned four beauties. Portraying something of an edgier, grungier all-female pop group – a phenomenon definitively 90s – I give you my take on the decades revival and I challenge you to try this at home.


Photography. Alexander Vlad

Make-up. Meredith Lyman

Hair. Vanessa Passley

Stylist. Danyelle James