The Internet has become a fascinating place for creativity over the years. Memes, stemming from the Greek word mimēma which means “that which is imitated”, are humorous images and videos that are shared and spread among Internet communities and often concern pop culture references. They have instituted themselves as the pinnacle of Internet comedy.
Nowadays, anyone can become famous. Social media outlets like YouTube and Twitter are wading pools washing in new one-hit wonders every few weeks. While many people find their stardom in unexpected ways, others are patient and await the opportunity for discovery. The hip-hop genre is often shadowed by giants like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.
With your Wednesday already in full swing, here is your weekly dosage of new music to keep your feet moving. This week’s Wednesday Video Playlist starts off with “Pendulum”, from UK Sensation FKA Twigs, followed up by Australian Electronic Music group Seekae, Childish Gambino, the hot new track from Krystal Klear, and more.
See the impact a genre of music can have on culture through the photography exhibit 40 Years of Hip Hop Photography being held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Curated by Che Kothari & Ryan Paterson, the exhibition collects works by photographers including Ernie Paniccioli, Jonathan Mannion, Matt Barnes and Janette Beckman, among many others.  
DC Shoes collaborates with the Wu Tang Clan on an exclusive release featuring various apparel, footwear, and accessories. It also featured a few limited items such as a peacoat, New Era cap, etc. The release included a mini-doc titled ‘Streets, Boards, Bee & Swords. The documentary follow s the parallels between skate and hip hop culture, and the effects that The Wu’s first album Enter The Wu Tang had on both.
  After winning a Grammy this year for best R&B Album, Black Radio, Robert Glasper became a name synonymous with the New York jazz scene. The renowned pianist broke on to the mainstream in February 2012 with his experimental album project Black Radio that had quite an semblance of talent. The roster included Lupe Fiasco, Common and Queen Neo Soul artist Erykah Badu.