Le1f & Boody’s Next Level ‘Liquid’

After the stupendous insanity that is Mykki Blanco’s new mixtape, here comes Le1f, once again, with his own EP Liquid. Le1f has started to garner a reputation for his avant-garde rap, most notably due to his sexuality, one of the upcoming gay rappers of the NYC scene. His previous mixtape Dark York received some major hype, which has allowed the even more twisted beats of Liquid. This EP offers some beats that feel like the rest of the mainstream will be jamming to them about 2 years from now thanks to both artists Boody and Le1f. Le1f offers the crazy rhymes, just as he did on other offerings, over these minimal and fresh production. The only problem with the EP is it leaves you wanting more rhymes and bold off-kilter hits from Le1f. “Soda” is the most pop-friendly offering here, and has already gained hype thanks to the bright and bold video. Along with Blanco, these guys are changing the sound and face of underground rap, fusing it with the most insane beats and unheard of lyrics. The only mainstream(ish) rapper that could be comparable is Azealia Banks with her house tracks and gay culture references melted in with dirty rhymes and tumblr-aesthetics. This is a new generation fusing together gender-bending, hipster-loving, dance-oriented, post-modern art, technology-loving that the public has no clue is coming… fast.