The Baconery

The Baconery

911 Columbus Avenue
New York, New York

Tel: 917.675.3385

Do you dream of bacon?

Is bacon that guilty pleasure that you wish you could snack on whenever you please? As a bacon-fanatic myself, I have found bacon mecca my friends. Let me introduce you to the paradise of this crispy delight: Baconery.

Quenching any bacon craving that you can conjure in your wildest dreams, this specialty shop has made it their business to create any combination that you can think of, in any edible form possible. This includes brownies, blondies (white brownies), crepes, bacon wrapped in bacon, bacon covered pretzel sticks, bacon infused into cookies, chocolate covered bacon (in white, milk, or dark chocolate), all of which I can attest are absolutely delectable. And this is just where it starts. The list can go on and on, as Baconery’s founder, Wesley Klein asserts: new, wild and delicious creations are being conceived on daily basis with the collaboration of his fantastically imaginative bakers and chefs.

For the more adventurous bacon enthusiasts, I highly recommend the bacon coffee or bacon hot chocolate. Although both are slightly unorthodox, they are equally delicious with that slight hint of maple and bacon flavor that are enough to quell your cravings without any overwhelming tastes that can sometimes be associated with bacon.

The main aspect I love about this specialty bacon shop is that each product does not overwhelm you with richness, or that heavy and greasy quality that most bacon products these days contain. Capturing that deliciously savory,crispy, sometimes smoky flavor in so many diverse combinations puts this inventive and unique New York City shop in a class of its own. And did I mention, they actually sell a variety of actual bacon that receive in shipments daily form around the continent? There is no doubt that a true passion for bacon and satisfying hungry customers drives the absolute success of this shop.

The mouth-watering, succulent treats aren’t the only thing that will impress you about this bacon haven. From clever bacon themed pillows on bacon coloured seating, creative bacon themed t-shirts with clever bacon-related phrases, to bacon rugs leading to the cash register where you choose and purchase the delicacies, the atmosphere is so well thought out, you’d think someone specially designed your very own bacon heaven. If you’d like to bring home a piece of this delicious bacon world, that will actually make it back to your home without being devoured in seconds, Baconery also sells an array of cooking tools, including a specialized Baconery cutting board, bacon shaped cookie cutters, and bacon coloured spatulas. What more can a bacon lover ask for?

In true New York style, rest assured that when you visit Baconery, you’ll be welcomed by the warm, friendly staff, bakers, and often one of the owners, welcoming you with open arms into their indulgent, fantastical world. Treat yourself and indulge in all things bacon at Baconery!



Julia is rascally young lady with a serious passion for food. While being a proud foodie, cupcake lover, maple syrup guzzler, bacon connoisseur, and writer, she’s also a proud Canadian and enjoys exploring all that her wonderful home country has to offer. She also loves attending food festivals, music festivals, and other super fun random Canadian happenings, so it’s her mission to keep you up to date on all things in the great north.