Emily Kennel is a small-but-mighty writer with a passion for all the arts, museums, travel, reading, and goat cheese. Her goal is to bring the world of contemporary art to the forefront and keep you in touch with the latest happenings and trends in this unpredictable market. You don’t have to like it, but her job is to help you understand it and hopefully get some laughs along the way. Emily is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and currently completing her Masters Degree in Art History at the University of Toronto. Future goals include becoming Xena, Warrior Princess or eating her weight in pulled pork tacos

With a limited amount of time for my lunch break from work, coupled with a desire to get out in the sun, I found myself wandering the heart of the Byward Market looking for something to eat. Tired of my usual ‘go-to’ spots, I braved the hordes of tourists and groups of schoolchildren wearing matching, fluorescent t-shirts and entered the covered portion of the Byward Market.