Nicholas Jaar is unmatched and incomparable to other’s in electronic music at the moment. While other’s search for hits, for something fresh, for themselves, etc. Nicholas Jaar floats along as an entity all his own. His music is a collage, a tapestry, of textures, sounds and samples that unmask emotions and thoughts to the mind.
Once and a while a group of artists seems to all have the same idea without trying to. We’re witnessing that phenomenon within British mainstream house singles from acclaimed DJ’s Tourist, Disclosure and Julio Bashmore. The desire to ‘hold on’ seems to be a topic of interest with them all releasing a single with a variation of that title.
In a time when music has become overly polished and slightly formulaic, Mason Mercer is changing the scene with his chaotic, distorted, yet incredibly chill sound. His latest single “Little Guy” serves as a perfect introduction to the genius of Mason Mercer. The instrumentation lulls the listener into a trance, while the lyrics both confuse and inspire.
With SXSW and Coachella behind us, it’s time to turn our attention north. Canadian Music Week is a nine day festival showcasing both local and international talent. The fest has graduated from bitter March to balmy May, inviting the less cold resistant music fans. With an overwhelming number of artists, this year is sure to be bigger and better than anything before.
A haunting vocal trembles through my headphones filled with hints of sorrow and heart. The confessional lyrics are sung by the up and coming Nao, an artist who’s sombre and nasal voice ushers her listeners into a world of textured sounds and the ever-challenging topic of love. Those artists you know have something special, yet have not hit it big just yet… that’s the sound of Nao, and that’s why you should start listening.
Dark and rich, full of textures and silences, Mr Mitch has released a beautiful LP of Grime and Garage titled Parallel Memories  that offers the listener warmth in a world of cold electronic sounds. The young London native, Mr Mitch has been releasing slow and meticulous Grime instrumentals on soundcloud for well over a year and been pushing his sound on bandcamp since 2012.