Mr Mitch Offers ‘Parallel Memories’

[youtube url=”” width=”640″ height=”120″][/youtube]Dark and rich, full of textures and silences, Mr Mitch has released a beautiful LP of Grime and Garage titled Parallel Memories  that offers the listener warmth in a world of cold electronic sounds.

The young London native, Mr Mitch has been releasing slow and meticulous Grime instrumentals on soundcloud for well over a year and been pushing his sound on bandcamp since 2012. Hype has grown at a steady pace for Mr Mitch as he DJ’d through London’s prominent underground electronic scene. The Don’t Leave EP that was released this autumn caught my attention with the title track and other tracks such as the Trap-meets-Garage of “Oh” that wouldn’t be out of place next to James Blake’s Harmonimixes. The EP is a strong introduction to the glitchy Grime of Mr Mitch, but now he’s ready to provide a true glance into his audio world.

Parallel Memories will be released December 1st through Planet Mu. The LP offers a spacious and fresh perspective on Grime, utilizing slow tempos and powerful silences. Those who listen to Blake, Airhead or Nicolas Jaar will be instant fans of Parallel Memories. Mitch proves to be unflinching at the use of an odd sample or sound, a unique tempo or a bending of genres.

Dazed Digital offers an early stream of the slick and textured LP below.

Download Parallel Memories here: