Pray for Paris: On Selective Grief, White Privilege and the Westernization of Loss

November 25, 2015 @ 1:20am by Maria Arseniuk












Feeling bummed out about the state of the world? It’s a good things there are tons of ways for you to contribute!


What you can do to help?

For beginners, you can sign this petition to voice your support for Syrian refugee acceptance in Canada.

Next, if you have some extra green lying around you can make a donate to Lifeline Syria, a Toronto based non-profit, that as its name suggests, aids Syrian refugees

If you’re more of an online activist, you can take to social media to show your solidarity. A more inclusive hashtag than #PrayForParis is #I’llRideWithYou. This campaign offers passengers in Toronto who may feel targeted or unsafe on public transportation in Toronto a companion. Don’t live in Toronto? Start your own #IllRideWithYou campaign of support.

Lastly, refuse to stay silent in the face of xenophobia. You don’t need a graduate essay style rebuttal – just a couple words and some empathy, like this New Yorker.



Maria Arseniuk

Maria Arseniuk is a feminist cultural critic who interrogates popular culture, the politics of representation and power relations. Gender studies, travel and social justice are all on the agenda and in her spare time she likes to smash the patriarchy and challenge the status quo.