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Evolution is a fact of nature. Everything, from the smallest molecule to the tectonic plates of the Earth’s innards, is in constant motion forward. Time is the main cause that allows for such shifts to occur. As time crawls, things change. Human beings are only mere examples of all our worldly changes.

Offering a mix of PC Music’s polished and synth sounds with a touch of Trap’s ass-shaking demands, DJ Pusher is welcomed to Ottawa, debuting his incredible beats and mixes to the unsuspecting crowd.
The Canadian artist has developed a sound all his own that still matches what the near-future of club music is steering towards; a sound that fits ever so nicely between Keys N Krates and the very hyped A.G.

A winter trip is many times very necessary for the health and for the soul. Choosing a destination is another cumbersome task. We usually book trips based on how many dollars we can spare but after paying attention to the news on the developments with Cuba and the U.S, I begin to think an impromptu trip is in order.

Nowadays, anyone can become famous. Social media outlets like YouTube and Twitter are wading pools washing in new one-hit wonders every few weeks. While many people find their stardom in unexpected ways, others are patient and await the opportunity for discovery. The hip-hop genre is often shadowed by giants like Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.