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Photography by Jake Pitre
We all want to be noticed. We want to create and share, and receive recognition for our creations, if we can. When Rupi Kaur uploaded a picture on Instagram in January depicting a woman lying in bed with blood staining her pants, it didn’t seem likely that it would become the moment when the whole world noticed her.

Waxahatchee has been one of those artists who seems to scrape the bottom of the barrel. There’s nothing wrong with Katie Crutchfield’s style of producing music yet somehow her musical appearance never accesses as much attention as it deserves. Ivy Tripp manages to be Waxahatchee’s first fully-captivating album. In all senses of the word, the album takes several moods and moulds them into a seamless string of compositions.

Will Wiesenfeld is delightful. This is obvious after only a few minutes in his presence. Earlier in the day, he’d suggested via text that we meet at 4:30 at the venue in Toronto he was performing at that night as part of NXNE at The Phoenix Theatre. I texted back, “Make it 4:20 and we have a deal,” nervous about whether he would appreciate the joke.

Nicholas Jaar is unmatched and incomparable to other’s in electronic music at the moment. While other’s search for hits, for something fresh, for themselves, etc. Nicholas Jaar floats along as an entity all his own. His music is a collage, a tapestry, of textures, sounds and samples that unmask emotions and thoughts to the mind.

The fog descended slowly, the coloured lights piercing through it, shining Will Wiesenfeld’s face with their glow as he thrashed around the stage in a way you might not necessarily expect him to. The thing about music festivals, especially one that mostly takes place at various venues in downtown Toronto, is that sets are universally short and one of many in the area.

There are moments in life where you completely zone out from everything around you. In moments like these, the world is yours. Take advantage of these situations as often as you can. I experienced this sort of euphoria during my Saturday excursion of North By Northeast. I’ll get back to that.