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Beginner’s luck is a myth. Many people believe that the first attempt at something new and its obligatory fruitfulness are the stuff of legends. This is not the case with today’s music world. Marrow, Chi-town’s newest heroes, rope in all they can muster to spin a web of pure brilliance. Yes, The Gold Standard is their debut record but the phrase “beginner’s luck” is not the right sentence to utter.

The year is now more than half over, but in terms of the film industry, things are still just getting started. Whether that means catching up on movies into the first few months of the next year or the gluttony of high-calibre releases in the last few months of the year, it’s difficult to properly establish the actual midpoint.

n the hospitality industry, there are men and women achieving great success and using their skills and creativity in so many unique ways. Meet Giancarlo Mancino, master bartender, international bar consultant, and now proud owner of one of the best vermouth brands I’ve ever tasted, Mancino Vermouth. Giancarlo has focused his energy for the past 20 years on helping to improve the quality of hospitality in Europe, and Asia.

While steak tartare first gained popularity in the 19th and early 20th century, it has experienced a renaissance in modern cuisine. While the dish is rather simple to make, it doesn’t come without some serious health risks. For this reason, many diners leave its preparation in the hands of professionals. Beef tartare is daunting, delicious and evokes an instinctive sensuality that only eating raw meat can provide.

Authenticity is a rare find in our world today, a world that shrinks everyday as we connect more than ever before, we compare and contrast cultural entities and seek out walls of influences or inspiration. Few artists have found their own niche of genuine identity and musical output. Zhala Rifat, a new artist from Sweden, offers a look into her own world, untarnished by label pressure and Western conventions.

Are bass drops inevitable nowadays? Long gone are the brostep shenanigans of Skrillex with a herd of rising EDM munchkins shuffling through the unknown land. In this day and age, dubstep is a gimmick. It has led to countless parodies (including my personal favourite, “When Will The Bass Drop?”, a Saturday Night Live sketch) and has resulted in being the punchline of every electronica-related jab.