Wants & Needs : The Perfect Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have, for a long time, been the ultimate symbol to communicate a kind of rebellious yet sophisticated cool. The versatile piece serves as the perfect layer in both the fall and spring for a Bostonian, but also has graced the backs of many touring rap and rock stars in steamy concert venues.

Some of the coolest characters over the years have had the perfect leather jackets that have made us ask: “Where the hell did they get that?” This will serve as an introduction to the to a few fresh kinds of leather jackets that will get you started on your search.

leather jackets1Left: Blackmeans slim fit quilted Black leather motorcycle jacket $1,960.00
Right:Balmain quilted grained leather biker jacket $4,675.00

[spacer] Leather Jackets 2Left: Rick Owens Slim fitted Hooded leather jacket $3,331.00
Right: Brioni leather bomber with detachable shell gilet $7,025

Oviadas & Sons Perforated black lambskin leather bomber jacket $1,495.00

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