Day 1:
An eight hour car ride and three coffee breaks lead us to the Manhattan bridge, the path into the concrete jungle. Being my first time in New York City, everything out my window had me captivated, pulling out my iPhone, snapping on my Puzlook case, ready to capture every moment that was soon to take place.
It’s strange to be mesmerized by the colour green but that is the position you find yourself in when visiting Columbia. The entire country appears to have had the contrast and saturation levels dialed up to leave the strongest impression possible on your memory. Many things can be said about vast, storied country but the vibrancy of the colours is, without a doubt, the strongest impression that this charming, haunting, and unreservedly beautiful country makes.
[dropcap style=”simple” size=”5″]A[/dropcap]rriving late on a fall night to the town of Brasov in Romania, photographers Christopher Eades, and Alexander Vlad weren’t quite ready to go sightseeing. The duo, best known for their work at some of the most live concerts, and music videos in North America, met up with Vlad Solomon, a friend and Brasov local, to hit the town.
A winter trip is many times very necessary for the health and for the soul. Choosing a destination is another cumbersome task. We usually book trips based on how many dollars we can spare but after paying attention to the news on the developments with Cuba and the U.S, I begin to think an impromptu trip is in order.
“What Happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what Happens in New Orleans goes home with you.” When it comes to US cities, [highlight bg=”#c799ff” color=”#000000″]New Orleans[/highlight] is truly as good as it gets. With beautiful landmarks, exquisitely prepared cuisine, historic bars, and jazz clubs with a laissez-faire attitude, there isn’t a day spent in this city that you will regret.
Booked your trip and don’t know what to do next? Here is a detailed check-list of everything you need to do before you travel, from entering a new country to getting home in one piece. [heading size=”20″ align=”left”]PASSPORT[/heading] Make sure your passport is valid because some countries will not let you travel if your passport expires within 6 months.