[dropcap size=”5″] T[/dropcap]he cocktail and spirits industry is exploding, and Dushan Zaric was there in the beginning of the new rennaissance. As an owner of Employees Only and the 86 Company, Dushan has been a pioneer when it comes to revolutionizing cocktails, and how we make them. He has inspired countless bartenders and restaurant professionals all over the world, and when you talk to the guy, he is legitimately one of the most humble and kindest individuals you will ever meet.
[dropcap size=”5″]C[/dropcap]anadian Whisky is about to get its due. From the moment Don Draper took a swig of his manhattan, we have become obsessed with bourbon based cocktails. After that, the Japanese swooped in and bought up whisky distilleries from Scotland all the way down to Kentucky, but like everyone else, they slept on the Canadian rye grain.
[dropcap size=”5″]I[/dropcap]n the hospitality industry, there are men and women achieving great success and using their skills and creativity in so many unique ways. Meet Giancarlo Mancino, master bartender, international bar consultant, and now proud owner of one of the best vermouth brands I’ve ever tasted, Mancino Vermouth. Giancarlo has focused his energy for the past 20 years on helping to improve the quality of hospitality in Europe, and Asia.