[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUcEwOeF7JU” width=”690″ height=”380″] For clips of Zola Jesus performing, please check Lucas’s YouTube Channel. A barefoot Zola Jesus emerged from a side entrance of Carnegie Mellon University’s Wiegand Gymnasium without much fanfare. As the diminutive, experimental vocalist took the stage with her three-piece band, the crowd – scattered throughout the makeshift theater – turned to gaze at synth pop’s dark queen.
R&B is an ever-expanding and changing genre, especially in 2012… if you’re a man. Frank Ocean, Migeul, and The Weeknd all rose to higher notoriety and famethanks, in part, to their minimalist beats and crisp falsettos. They brought fresh sounds and perspectives and reinvigorated the likes of Usher, with “Climax” being a direct result of the Weeknd and Drake.