The words associated with Madonna all hold strength and respect. Whether it be her groundbreaking music, her explorative imagery with Steven Meisel (whom every model and celebrity yearns to work with today), her iconic tours, expanding family or her highly reproduced aesthetics. One could argue that Madonna’s career is primarily based on aesthetics.
As we continue to find inspiration for our appearance through the latest trends from New York Fashion Week, the hippest street style and runway collections, let us not forget who the designers themselves tend to take inspiration from; the rockstar. The majority of major fashion houses have used the musically-gifted for runway shows and ad campaigns.
Call ‘em gitch, skivvies, knickers, panties or unmentionables – whatever the vernacular, they’re the ultimate accoutrement. If you’ve ever been faced with the barren underwear drawer scenario after a forgotten laundry day and have been forced to choose between an orphaned bathing suit bottom or a waistless cotton travesty, you’re familiar with the reality that these seemingly small decisions can affect your mood, much like a bad hair day.
What Fascinates So Many About the Star & His New Album? David Bowie is an icon, now more than any other time. The most acclaimed artists of today all name him as an influence, no matter the genre or realm of music. He reflects the culture we live in, where identity is optional, as something bendable and changeable, while the digital age has encouraged control and reinvention of identity representation even further.