This was a month with great releases so I am anticipating awesome videos heading into the spring. Below we feature some new videos from Tokimonsta ft Anderson .Paak, Alunageorge, Majid Jordan, Julio Bashmore and Flume to name a few. I hope you enjoy! [youtube url=”” height=”480″][/youtube] [spacer] [youtube url=”″ height=”480″][/youtube] [spacer] [vimeo url=”″
Climbing Through The Popstar Simulacra to Find New Peaks of the Uncanny Valley   ‘Oh I like this new song… I wonder who sings this?’ A thought we have all possessed while discovering a new artist. The next thought might be, ‘they remind me of that song… yah it’s like so-and-so’s style.’
With your Wednesday already in full swing, here is your weekly dosage of new music to keep your feet moving. This week’s Wednesday Video Playlist starts off with “Pendulum”, from UK Sensation FKA Twigs, followed up by Australian Electronic Music group Seekae, Childish Gambino, the hot new track from Krystal Klear, and more.
A look into the young artist’s influences and contemporaries
There is no better way to introduce yourself to a genre of music then by diving into the influences and contemporaries of a new favourite artist. FKA Twigs and I have been in a one-sided relationship for over a year now. Her stunning and unique visuals, erotic and compelling vocals and mesmerizing stage presence all have me yearning for more from the young artist.
As if the sensual FKA Twigs and smooth duo Inc. read our recent article on how both construct spacey sexy tunes, a collaboration between the two acts was just released, modestly titled ‘FKA x inc’. The patchwork of sounds is distinctly FKA Twigs, using similar instrumentation in ‘Water Me’, but the soft R&B vocals of the Aged brothers creates a perfect musical relationship.
The Space In Between by Aaronantidote on Mixcloud If you live in a major city, chances are you constantly have something in your ears, whether it be earbuds blaring the soundtrack to your day; the noises of people on the street, cars, construction; music softly playing in the grocery store. There is a never-ending list of sounds heard throughout one’s day.