Zanerobe: The Salvation Collection

Premium contemporary label ZANEROBE launches the much anticipated ‘Salvation’ collection to the rapture of eager streetwear enthusiasts globally. The proudly Australian designed label has set the benchmark in recent years for innovative, aspirational design and their latest offering does not fail to disappoint. Salvation is ‘the act of saving or protecting’, so by definition the creatives at ZANEROBE are leading us all to the promised land – a purlieu of customised fabrics, cutting edge chinos and on-point denim washes. Notable collection highlights include the sweatshirt, jacket and bottom-weight capsule constructed from a rich neoprene-like fabric – truely innovative and reflective of where the streetwear aesthetic is destined. In the same tech-meets-street story, rubberised yardage printing and mechanical stretch quilting turns the everyday basic sillouhette into wearable masterstrokes. It would be remiss not to highlight ZANEROBE’s latest bottom-weight contribution, a category they excel at designing and which many brands imitate. The Low Blow and Salerno are instantly eye-catching with their subtle shape, classy finishing and noticeable abandonment of the elastic cuff detail. Significant as the brand synonomous with a jogger movement begins to guide us through a new evolution. Salvation by ZANEROBE is available now at plus class-leading boutiques and department stores worldwide.[spacer][vimeo url=”″]  

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Cassius Carter is a junior fashion correspondent for Antidote Magazine. Cassius has developed a strong work ethic, and a diverse set of interests including communications, fashion, business and Entrepreneurship.