Changing Views and Changing Lives, Monokini 2.0

We all just want to feel free at the beach, away from the stresses of work and life and into an oasis under the sun. For women who have undergone a mastectomy, that feeling of total freedom can be interrupted by wearing an uncomfortable prosthesis under an ill-fitting swimsuit. Finnish artists, labelled the Nutty Tarts, have taken women who have undergone mastectomies into consideration in the area of swimwear. Monokini 2.0 is a new swimsuit line that caters to women who have only one or no breasts due to mastectomy and have not elected to have reconstructive surgery.

 As well as creating a swimwear line for these unique women, Monokini 2.0 is also a social demonstration of how women can look beautiful without fitting into society’s view of the ideal female image. Women can still look beautiful and feel beautiful even when they do not possess what society views as being absolutely feminine. All the models used in the online photographs for Monokini 2.0 contacted the design group in support of this unique venture.

                                 fstoppers-monokini-kristiina-aaron-brown-710x1065                cancer6n-1-web

Currently Monokini 2.0 is using Kickstarter to raise funds of $55,000 to produce three of the designs from the line. Designs by Elina Halttunen, Tyra Therman, and Timo Rissanen will be produced for consumers once their funding goal has been reached. Designer Elina Halttunen, Ph.D., herself having only one breast, originally developed the idea for Monokini.

Virve by Tyra Therman             Elina by Elina Halttunen           Camilla by Timo Rissanen