Beauty Tip Of The Week: Applying Makeup Backwards

Some of you probably read the title and thought to yourselves “What is this girl talking about?” Well, don’t be fooled!!! I have a few tips and tricks on how to apply your makeup backwards that really work!
Everyone has their own way of applying makeup, but when Napoleon Perdis, creator of his own cosmetics line, shared his tricks, they were too good to pass up on.
With influences from fashion, music, interior design and art, Napoleon Perdis channels the celebrity in every woman! When I first heard about his tricks, I was amazed so prepare to be mind blown!

Trick #1 Apply Concealer before Foundation

















Although foundation is made out to be the base of makeup, it is best to apply your concealer before your foundation. Ensure that you cover all areas prone to discoloration around your eyes, nose and mouth, and on any blemishes that you wish to cover! Afterwards, lightly apply your foundation where needed and blend it out properly for a natural look. By doing so, you are making sure that your whole face is unified in color!

Trick #2 Apply Lip Liner after Lipstick

lip liner















Applying lip liner can be tricky at times and many women have difficulties following their lip line, and that can easily create unnatural and harsh lines. By applying your lipstick first, it helps contain the color and improve the shape of your lips.

Trick #3 Apply Eyeliner starting at the Outer Corner











Want to create the perfect angle for your eyeliner? Try lining the outside corner of your lower lash line and extending slightly beyond the corner of your eyes. By using this line as your guide, it will give you a gorgeous line that will enhance the natural shape of your eyes!

Trick #4 Apply Mascara First

Mascara 1










A lot of women think that it is a must to apply mascara last. By applying your mascara first, it allows you to easily map out the rest of your makeup look by creating definition and opening your eyes. After applying and finishing your makeup, apply a second coat and third coat at the very end if you need that finishing touch!

Trick #5 Fill in Brows from the Outside In














Eyebrows need more definition on the ends so working from the outside in creates a natural shape. When filling your brows, use this method to apply more color where you need it the most. Once you have worked your way from the outside in, brush your brows back into place for the most natural finish!

There is not one makeup application technique that is wrong so experiment to create your own method for the ultimate effect! Have fun!


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