Locals Only: PINE

Although they’ve only been around for a short time, Ottawa based band PINE is already tearing up the local scene. Having already headlined their own show and opened for the internationally acclaimed Balance and Composure, PINE is showing us just how good Ottawa’s music scene can be.

It’s hard to pinpoint PINE’s specific genre. They’ve landed on a personal, beautiful no man’s land between contemporary indie and late 90’s emo where the sounds and tone almost bring a tear to my eye. Their debut EP entitled you bury me, carries with it a full, spine-tingling sound with the guitars, bass, keyboards and drums all mingling beautifully with the dual female vocals.

The second track on the EP, father/layla, is perhaps the best representation of PINE’s unique sound. The gut wrenching lyrics tell a love story between daughter and father over which the instruments provide a hauntingly beautiful accompaniment to the emotionally charged vocals. The track eventually erupts into a sound that begs you to nod along and move around. The song is an example of everything good about PINE. The lyrics and instrumentation work in tandem tugging at your heart strings, and begging any listener to become emotionally involved.

If PINE’s debut EP is indicative of their future this is a band you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes on. They’re proof that Ottawa’s music scene is not only alive and well, but also churning out some of the most innovative and experimental artists in the contemporary indie genre. Have a listen to the EP below and check them out on Facebook to find out when they’ll be playing next.

you bury me by PINE



Justin Lam

Is a student at Carleton University studying English, with a concentration in creative writing. With a passion for music, Justin Lam has been playing in bands for years and is quite involved with the local Ottawa music scene. His goal has always been to introduce people to amazing artists and to spread the local talent of any city.