Katy B Offers A Taste

Katy B made a sleek and twisted debut last year’s On a Mission, whipping up  off-centered urban-dance-pop. “Katy on a Mission,” “Lights On,” and “Witches Brew” were all evidence of Katy’s talent. Now, Katy B has offered her listeners a little Christmas treat: 4 new tracks with a damn impressive line-up of collaborators. Each track offers extensive bass and UK’s garage house at the forefront, a good example being “Aaliyah Feat Jessica Ware” provides hints of both the XX and SBTRKT (possibly due to the later’s collab with Jessica Ware). America production is not off limits thanks to Diplo’s incredibly ass-shake inducing “Light as a Feather Feat. Iggy Azaelia,” which sounds exactly like Major Lazer meeting the mainstream charts, it’s what No Doubt and Beyonce tried to do but failed in comparison. That momentum continues with the single “Get Paid,” with more smooth, playful, lyrics and vocals. The production is never off, creating a strong and cohesive EP that leaves listeners anticipating Katy B’s full return with a sophomore release. Here, she simply gives a sample of her taste, her love of Diplo and UK Garage, some rappers and vocalists, etc. It’s all effortless but exactly what a 2012 up and coming pop star should sound like.

So what are you waiting for? Grab the Free Danger EP.

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKydeJs3Kmo” width=”690″ height”380″]