Antidote’s Picks For Bestival Toronto 2015

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Banks (Saturday)[/heading] Keeping it fairly under the radar, pop superstar Banks shows off her talent through her voice. The blazing set of pipes are her crowning glory. Banks’ style is often described as underground R&B with her voice being compared to Aaliyah. By being covered by high profile media outlets like MTV and BBC Radio 1, Banks has slowly been climbing the social ladder to stardom. Look for her to perform a woozy, lovesick evening of heavy bass and towering vocals.

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Born Ruffians (Saturday)[/heading] This Canadian group and their often-confusing analogies (like ” I belong to no one / Like the watermelon / Rolling with momentum, spitting out its seeds”) are fuelled with youthful energy and a sound that was meant for the stage. Their echoing vibes will be a treat to translate to a festival stage as Born Ruffians bring their poppy optimism and feel good hits.

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Caribou (Saturday)[/heading] Known for his deep electronic grooves and eccentric light shows, Caribou (and his live crew) are destined to perform a mesmerizing show of spectacular sound and vision. With a handful of new material to play from last year’s stunning record Our Love, Caribou is armed and dangerous in the field of electronica. His show is sure to be an all-out dance party filled with endlessly fresh spins and maybe a surprise or two.

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Florence + The Machine (Friday)
[/heading] Florence + The Machine don’t stop for anything. Even though lead singer Florence Welsh broke her foot during the band’s Coachella set, they continue to tour through the turmoil. Showing her dedication, Welsh hasn’t wavered in her performance. Florence + The Machine have always been known to compose breath-taking concerts filled with orchestral measures and Welsh’s angelic range. This show promises to be a highlight, especially with the addition of new material from the overwhelming new album How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

[youtube_advanced url=”” width=”900″ height=”600″ rel=”no”] [heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Jamie xx (Friday)[/heading] Jamie xx is one taking the world by storm. With a flawless debut solo album under his belt and countless remixes of famous artists, this British star is on a crash course to high heights. With an expansive list of artists and genres to cover, Jamie xx’s set is intended to be a joyride of vibrating bass and synth mixtures that will leave you with goosebumps.

[youtube_advanced url=”” width=”900″ height=”600″ rel=”no”] [heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Museum Of Love (Friday)[/heading] Pat Mahoney, former member of the dance-punk icons LCD Soundsystem, has branched out with his new project Museum of Love, a group that takes inspiration from LCD’s rebellious noise and danceable tracks. With a retro perspective, Museum of Love allows themselves to get lost in the various experimental sounds that grow exponentially throughout each performance. Their sound is like the next generation of the dance-punk genre, meshing plenty of hums to cover a broad spectrum.

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Owen Pallett (Saturday)[/heading] Multi-instrumentalist and Canadian prodigy Owen Pallett defies the normative genre categorization with collaborations that span from artists like Arcade Fire, The National, Grizzly Bear, and even Duran Duran. Pallett usually comes equipped with keys and strings, making his live performances a symphony of calming melodies. Anticipate some mean violin shredding and rhythms that will be forever stuck in your head.

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]SBTRKT (Friday)[/heading] Even though I’ve mentioned SBTRKT (among others) previously on this site, I can’t help but stress how important artists like him are. This show has been dubbed a DJ set, meaning SBTRKT has free reign over his material, giving the impression that it will be a beat-filled extravaganza for the ages. Filled to the brim with eclectic blips and a fun stage presence, SBTRKT’s DJ set is highly anticipated.

[heading size=”30″ align=”left”]Shamir (Saturday)[/heading] He is probably one the most talked-about artists of 2015. Shamir’s musical attitude is the embodiment of today’s society. Young and full of ideas, Shamir gives it his all with an electronic sound and a rather unusual voice. While his delivery isn’t the straight, cookie-cutter chops you would find on the top 40 list, Shamir’s pop sensibility shines in the most unique ways. Prepare for an emotional ride of bangers and ballads and an all-around good atmosphere.

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