A Taste of Bourbon & Bubbly: Frustra’s Live Set

Bourbon & Bubbly Speakeasy

47 Clarence Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 9K1

Tel: 613-241-1343
Website: www.antidote-presents.com

The Bourbon & Bubbly Speakeasy has been a success keeping many of Ottawa’s finest warm through this cold winter. The month of January saw many talented performers pass through the weekly event including Landan Brawley, who’s used multiple aliases including scvrs and Frustra. No matter his name, he has continued to push his style of House, R&B and UK Garage as he continues to evolve as a live performer and producer. A young talent native to Toronto, he has recently arrived in Ottawa after a stint producing and spinning in London. A time spent fuelling his knowledge and passion for the latest in said genres; sounds throbbing through the underground scenes and dance floors of Europe.
Now Antidote’s latest mix let’s Frustra take you to a world of rhythm and elation with his latest musical concoction. A live set by the DJ including live synths and sequencers along with his energetic vigour for the craft. The energetic DJ created a joyful atmosphere and proved his love for artists including Duke Dumont, Beth Ditto, CHRVCHES, and many more. Now put on those headphones and listen as Frustra ushers you into a unique world of House that uplifts and pushes oneself to let go and do what comes naturally; dance.

Join us again this Thursday for more elegant cocktails and electric acts, more info here.

Listen to more from Frustra below.