[dropcap size=”5″]A[/dropcap]ny fashion forward individual knows that the right piece of jewelry can enhance any outfit. Whether you’re rocking a t-shirt with a sexy pair of jeans, or you’re heading out for a glamorous evening with a gown, the right statement piece will help you stand out from the rest. One woman who understands this maxim all to well is Lindsay Graham, the owner of Zinnia West, an online boutique that curates high quality pieces from all over the world.
Prolific Canadian artist, Douglas Coupland, is installing a giant bust of himself for spectators to stick their chewing gum on. Coupland has described his work as a “gum-based, crowdsourced, and publicly interactive self portrait.” The work will be up from May 31st until September 1st and is located on Howe Street outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery.
One of the most eccentric characters in the electronic music scene, Dillon Francis, embarks on his ‘Wurld Turr’ of North America this month. With a stop in Ottawa on Friday March 29th at Barrymores Music Hall, Canadians will be in for a show with no boundaries. “I plan on throwing tacos out into the crowd every night,” forewarns Francis.
Electronic music has never been in higher demand. With sold out festivals around the world, EDM hits dominating music charts and high budget dazzling shows, the image of the DJ has been transformed to a god like status. Today, electronic artists jet around the world, attend the hottest party scenes and are backed by a mass following of devoted fans.