Chambray. It’s here and then it’s not, popular and then rejected but never a dull piece. Rather, it’s a rugged staple. There are plenty of ways to spruce up winter blues with a light chambray: on a slim pair of colored chinos or a dark pair of selvedge denim. Offer yourself the opportunity to layer up with a thicker, darker shirt over your favorite crew neck sweater.
  STYLE IS PERSONAL Generally speaking, so many people carry the common conception that to be stylish is to be fashionable. Allow us to remind you that these two terms are not synonymous. In fact; they are quite different indeed. Being aware of this difference is the first step to becoming either.
Yannick Beauvalet of L’Hexagone menswear discusses the more fitting attire for casual fridays, as well as outer wear options. Getting ready for the big holiday season, he has you covered.