Religion is an aspect of life that touches many people. For some, religion is more than just attending a service once a week and praying before meals. Father Murphy, the dynamic Italian duo of Freddie Murphy and Chiara Lee, have built a devotional career of psychedelic doom rock to the Lord above.
Love songs are embedded in Western culture. We all understand love, we all yearn for it and we all analyze its effects. “Every song you hear [on the record] is a love song, but every song in this world is a love song. What’s not a love song?” Asked Jesse Boykins III, as we discussed his new album Love Apparatus.
Listening to Voices, Phantogram’s latest album, offers an escape for listeners. The dark cinematic music ushers you into the night, into a buzzing mind that is both racing but self-aware. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter perfectly emulate their music. The duo seems most comfortable talking about time spent in silent countrysides and late night recordings.
Icy dance music has become the most commercial of the mainstream, who would have guessed just how huge “We Found Love” became a few years ago. References of the Eighties and the synths that were mastered than can be heard all over today. Robyn, La Roux and Goldfrapp are some of the most successful of the genre in the past few years, but a new artist has debuted an album full of sparkling synths, melancholic lyrics, and an authentic voice.