The year is now more than half over, but in terms of the film industry, things are still just getting started. Whether that means catching up on movies into the first few months of the next year or the gluttony of high-calibre releases in the last few months of the year, it’s difficult to properly establish the actual midpoint.
Time sucks. It is the relentless phenomenon that creates untold insecurities, anxieties and fears in us all. We are simply clumsy collections of atoms, hurtling toward a certain death, and all we can do is bide our time. We struggle with our relevance, how much we’ve achieved, whether we will be remembered.
When I was young, I was deeply in love with popular culture. Entertainment Tonight was my daily news because I was a kid, and the real news was boring. I always knew about things like the Berlin Wall, sort of; but I also knew when Spike Lee would release his films, when it was Michael Jackson’s birthday and whether his sister Janet would challenge him for pop supremacy.