Once and a while a group of artists seems to all have the same idea without trying to. We’re witnessing that phenomenon within British mainstream house singles from acclaimed DJ’s Tourist, Disclosure and Julio Bashmore. The desire to ‘hold on’ seems to be a topic of interest with them all releasing a single with a variation of that title.
Offering a mix of PC Music’s polished and synth sounds with a touch of Trap’s ass-shaking demands, DJ Pusher is welcomed to Ottawa, debuting his incredible beats and mixes to the unsuspecting crowd. The Canadian artist has developed a sound all his own that still matches what the near-future of club music is steering towards; a sound that fits ever so nicely between Keys N Krates and the very hyped A.G.
Try not to be hypnotized by the amazing movements of dancers Michel “Meech” Onomo and Eric “Rickysoul” Braflan in the video for “By & Bye” from Electric Wire Hustle. The underground R&B duo have just released their latest album, Love Can Prevail. Grab your copy here.
As Yelle prepares the release of their new EP on February 11th and debut of their latest track, “L’Amour Parfait,” Antidote offers an interview with Julie Budet from their last Montreal appearance. The sound booms from the speakers as I enter Montreal’s The National venue. It is nearly empty except a few staff readying the bar and the sound system for tonight’s show.
For those of you still obsessed with SBTRKT after his mesmerizing self-titled debut album, a new production team has come to further solidify this post-dubstep electronic genre. Disclosure continues this moody atmosphere of dark electronic music with inescapable hooks. The young UK duo have already garnered much attention thanks to their hit dance track “Latch,” which features Sam Smith, which has now peaked at number 11 on the UK chart.
I’m pleased to welcome back the one & only Peaches to the music scene with her fly-as-f@$k new song “Burst!” Produced by Boys Noize, who have fabricated some of the most outrageous and catchy dance beats of the past few years, Peaches embraces her inner dance-diva, but never compromising her crazy punk girl routes.