It’s strange to be mesmerized by the colour green but that is the position you find yourself in when visiting Columbia. The entire country appears to have had the contrast and saturation levels dialed up to leave the strongest impression possible on your memory. Many things can be said about vast, storied country but the vibrancy of the colours is, without a doubt, the strongest impression that this charming, haunting, and unreservedly beautiful country makes.
LONE TRAVELLER When you’re gearing up for a big trip, people want to know why. Especially if you’re a girl travelling alone in South America for four months. The assumption is that you are mending a broken heart, or you are “lost” and trying to “find yourself”. In my case, neither of these reasons quite apply. As a late-twenty-something girl who spent the past eleven months sleeping in her childhood single bed at her parent’s house (teddy bear bedding included), and working three jobs to pay off student loans (in this never-ending, bone-chiller of a winter, no less), this is more a case of I-need-some-adventure-or-else-I’ll-Sylvia-Plath-myself.