James Blake premiered his latest track, “Retrograde” off of his sophomore LP titled Overgrown, to be released April 8th. “Retrograde” is significantly more positive and lighter than “The Wilhelm Scream,” and the majority of James Blake. The slightly Nineties r&b tinge recalls works from the CMYK EP in some ways. James Blake is one of the premiere artists of the Post-Dubstep genre with high expectations for this sophomore release after the success of his self-titled debut that contained ”The Wilhelm Scream,” “Limit to Your Love,” and the deluxe version’s Bon Iver collaboration “Fall Creek Boys Choir.”
When one thinks singer-songwriter, an image is immediate in many listener’s minds; introspective, usually serious, men or women with powerful vocals that sit at a piano or with an acoustic guitar, bearing their souls. As electronic, dance and other digital music continues to become a staple in mainstream music, elements of dub and electronic are finding its way into the genre of singer-songwriters.
Bon Iver takes the viewer on a magical journey through a world that kinda recalls the elves in Lord of the Rings. An illuminated aura around each lover as they travel through an enchanted forest. Justin Vernon co-directed this subdued spectacle of romance and magic. A nice piece of soft and nature-filled imagery to present as we dive deep into the autumn months.