New Orleans

December 9, 2014 @ 1:10am by Nana

The French Quarter

 Bourbon Street  in the French Quarter is perhaps the most famous street in the world, and as you’ve probably heard, the party doesn’t stop. The party just resets between the hours of 5am and 6am. Some of the feature places to visit are, Lafitte’s, the oldest bar in New Orleans, Tropical Isle, home of the grenade and shark attacks, Razzoo Bar & Patio with a beautiful outdoor courtyard and a litany of 3 for 1 happy hour deals, and Preservation Hall, one of the greatest and oldest live venues New Orleans has to offer.

As much as these clubs and music venues may draw you in, the true fun in bourbon street exists in plain sight. If you’re a people watcher, you’ll be in the strangest kind of heaven. Every type of character imaginable blends in a rich cacophony of alcohol fuelled intention. To counteract the debauchery, religious protestors canvas the street to save your soul from what they view as a hellish babylonian example of the destruction of the moral fabric of America. Maybe they’re right? Maybe this street is the embodiment of humanity’s destruction? At the end of it all, everyone is too busy acting Babylonian to care.

When it comes to Frenchmen Street, this is the part of the ‘quarter’ meant for more mature tastes and perhaps your first taste out of the tourist district. Everyone will tell you that Bourbon is filled with college kids puking and pounding as many hurricanes, Grenades, and Shark attacks as they possibly can. When it comes to frenchmen Street, you’ll find that you’ve ditched the sugar and slush drinks, and earned your first real taste of the true spirit of the city. You’ll also find that you’re taking a stroll in the centre of the Jazz and Brass Universe. Bars such as the Spotted Cat, the Blue Nile, and Snug Harbor feature immensely talented musicians, capable of moving any crowd into musical bliss. If you aren’t a fan of Jazz or Brass, when you get to New Orleans, Frenchman is where that will change.

If you’re making the trip to New Orleans, Bourbon is a must see if it’s your first time visiting the city and if you love big crowds. It’s world famous, and you owe it to yourself to pay homage. After you’re done with the heathens on bourbon, it’s essential that you check out the restaurants and bars in the rest of the quarter. Frenchmen Street is without a doubt the best gateway for you to do so.

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